Here are the results of one of my hard working client. He suffered from a shoulder dislocation a year prior starting working with me and his shoulder didn’t heal properly.

Following that accident, he went through 7 months, twice a week, of standard rehab with a physical therapist and received 2 cortisone injections. Even after those 7 months of rehab he underwent, nothing got for the better. When I first started working with him, any movements beyond the range shown in the first video was painful. 


I started off with some manual therapy and got him through some basic Functional Patterns techniques and right from the start, he was surprised how every exercises we did wasn’t painful or making his shoulder hurt the next day.


At our 5th week of work, things started to change. At week 7, I still remember him shouting out loud “Wow !! I haven’t been able to raise my shoulder like that for over a year !!”. 

Three months later, he recovered almost all his range of motion and no pain is present during the movements.


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