General Questions

Is this physical therapy?

No. The methodology used (Functional Patterns) is a training methodology that aims to improve the quality of movement (biomechanics).

Is this rehabilitation?

It depends on what you mean by “rehabilitation”. Simply put, the goal of the methodology is to improve one’s quality of movement, regardless of their fitness level. ALL exercises are “corrective” exercises aiming to correct a certain movement pattern, whether they are dynamic or very slow and regardless of WHO is doing them.

Can this help me with my pain?

Possibly, yes. The system’s ultimate goal is to improve one’s quality of movement. With that said, if an individual’s pain or discomfort comes from the fact that certain movement patterns are causing them problems, logically, correcting these patterns could very well help them improve their condition. 

In fact, many people report positive changes in regards of their discomfort. 

However, it must be understood that the methodology is NOT a medical or physiotherapeutic diagnostic system, and that in some cases, medical or physiotherapeutic approval may be requested prior to undertaking a process.

Will I sweat or get sore?

That is the goal! However, the priority is to correct movement patterns. That said, depending on the person’s situation, the emphasis may be on more “corrective” and slow movements at the beginning of the process.

Can this help me lose weight and/or gain muscle?

Certainly. The goal of the methodology is to help you function better with your body as a whole, and the better your body functions, the better you can use your muscles and help your system burn fat.

Who is this style of training for?

Anybody who is ready to put in the time and effort required.

It is probably the most progressive and suitable system available, whether your goal is to improve your athletic performance or to simply learn to train without back, shoulder, neck pain, etc.

If I don't have any aches or pains and no physical limitation, can it be suitable for me?

Absolutely! The methodology is not technically “rehab” and getting rid of aches and pains is only one of MANY outcomes of being more efficient with your body.


Many people practice this training style to lose weight, build muscle, increase their performance in a sport or simply for wellbeing and longevity.

Learn how to train, move and live pain free for the rest of your life.

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