Félix Ségard

I practiced traditional weight training for almost 10 years, and despite having a mindset that was far from the "no pain no gain" approach, I noticed that as the years went by, my posture deteriorated. I was more or less reaching my athletic performance goals, but I still didn't feel in harmony with my body.

Before starting this coaching, I was experiencing slight pain in my lower back as well as digestive problems. As for my posture, I had an excessive curvature in my lumbar spine, a dorsal kyphosis with the shoulders and head shifting forward, and my rib cage curled in on itself. I wanted to solve those issues, so this is what prompted me to reach out to Sam for online coaching.

Before starting to work with Sam, I was already doing some Functional Patterns exercises, but I felt the need to be supported by someone competent to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly. 

By analyzing photos of me, Sam quickly pointed out dysfunctions that I had not even perceived.

Our exchanges allowed me to discover new notions and concepts, such as pressure, tension, slings, muscle potentiation, and lots more. I was already aware of the systemic nature of the human being, but the Functional Patterns approach that Sam passed on to me highlighted the importance of connecting and/or reconnecting the different parts of the body to each other, of associating these parts instead of dissociating them. This has added complexity to my view of the human body, and I am very grateful for that!

Regular practice of what Sam taught me during our training sessions quickly paid off. After a month and a half, I saw real changes taking place: 

  • My lumbar lordosis has decreased significantly, and my gluteal muscles are much more engaged when I stand. 
  • I no longer have any pain in my lower back.
  • My head is a little less shifted forward.
  • I feel a new sense of control over a part of my life, as I finally have the feeling that I am practicing a method adapted to help me solve my postural problems. 

All this has induced a general state of relaxation; I feel more relaxed in my daily life. 

My posture is not yet perfect, but I am very satisfied with the work I have done in such a short time. I see myself constantly evolving and I can feel my back kyphosis gradually reducing. 

These months of classes have been very enriching. I discovered original exercises and a new way of training! 

I really appreciated Sam’s availability, his pedagogy, and his enthusiasm when he noticed my progress or during our discussions. Thank you, Sam, for giving me all the keys to do the job!

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