Philippe Choquette

At 33 years old (and 2 children), during a hectic night at work (firefighter), from what I can remember, the bell rang for a call, and I woke up sitting in the garage with the fireman's pole between my legs and a terrible backache. I had just fallen about 20 feet and could barely get up. I was off work for about 4 months

 I was having a hard time holding my 6-months-old son to give him his bottle, and I could only hug my 2 years old son if I’m kneeling. I had to stop and squat in the grocery store aisles because pushing the basket was quite an ordeal. I was crying at night, and I could hardly sleep. The future was not bright: pills, osteo, pills, chiro, pills, gradual return to training (it’s not what it used to be… despair), pills, return of my back and neck pain…  

A few years after the event, I discovered Functional Patterns (FP) and Samuel Pelletier.

I decided to consult Sam to be guided in my approach. Since I’ve been practicing FP under Sam’s coaching, the results have been accumulating at an incredible rate. Better breathing, better posture, better freedom of movement, better sleep, better awareness of my life habits.

I’ve started sprinting again, and I’m now able to make some quick changes of direction with my body, and when I do, I don’t feel it the next day. Those who are least affected by injuries might read this and say: “Well, there’s nothing to changing direction”. But for me, who could do it, who had constraints to do it – and who can now finally do it again – the feeling is incredible! 

I have a job that is physically very demanding and for some people around me, the idea of aging is scary. With Sam, I am learning to become my own therapist. Improving my condition after 39 seems more than possible. I am about to welcome my forties with the knife between my teeth knowing that, despite the pitfalls I will encounter, I now have the tools and the support necessary to continue to grow and improve.


Thank you coach Sam for teaching me and accompanying me on my journey. It is changing my life for the better.


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