Annabel L. Karim

Annabel had been dealing with chronic pain in her shoulder, neck and back for the past years. Searching for answers, she decided to consult her doctor who diagnosed her with scoliosis. However, even though she now knew she had this condition, she still didn’t have any tools to address her issues.

Wanting to take her life into her own hands, she started seeing a chiropractor and a kinesiologist to help her fix her issues, but after many sessions, there were still no noticeable changes and the pain was still present.

After searching online for someone who could help her, she decided to reach out to see if I could help her.

Right from the first session we had together, I could see that her mindset and energy made her a perfect candidate for the process I take people through. I turned out to be right, and only a few weeks after starting, she already started seeing and feeling changes.

Check the video out for her full story!

*Changes were obtained using the Functional Patterns Methodology


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